Brushed DC motor

From home & garden, to power tools, to fans: no matter your brushed DC motor application or budget, find the ideal solution in Infineon's broad semiconductor portfolio. You can achieve energy and cost efficiency by selecting one of our designated solutions for the three main types of brushed DC motors. All in proven Infineon quality you can depend on. Find what's best for your application: look through our diverse range of suitable high-quality products. See additional motor control applications here in battery powered applications and home and building.

There are three main types of brushed DC motors: series wound (uni-directional), shunt wound (bi-directional by changing connections) and permanent magnet (bi-directional by reversing current). Powering a set of windings generates a magnetic field in the rotor. The opposing magnetic fields (N-N and S-S) push away from one another creating rotation until the fields align (NS – NS).

Application for brushed DC motor control and drives

Brushed DC Motor Integrated DC Motor Control
Brushed DC Motor XMC Microcontroller
Brushed DC Motor Voltage Regulator IFX25401

Key characteristics brushed DC motor

  • Easy to control: torque is proportional to current – speed is proportional to voltage
  • Moderate efficiency
  • Variable speed: fewer external components required than induction or brushless DC motors
  • Maintenance necessary as brushes wear out
  • Louder than induction motors (EMI and audible)