Brushless DC motor

As more and more applications rely on the brushless DC (bldc) motor – medical equipment, home appliances, building controls and industrial automation – there's increased pressure to increase their energy efficiency. Advanced solutions from Infineon, such as our family of configurable H-bridge and 3-phase gate driver ICs that can be combined with powerful Infineon MOSFETs, provide the power, efficiency and reliability your systems require. They also offer applications a host of advantages, from diagnostic features, for instance overtemperature, overvoltage and current sense/status, to cost savings on a system level. Browse our wide range of semiconductor offerings as well as application kits and support tools for brushless DC motors. See additional motor control applications here in battery powered applications, home and building and industrial automation.

A brushless DC motor is a rotating electric machine with a classic three-phase stator like that of an induction motor. The rotor has surface-mounted permanent magnets. Polarity reversal is achieved by power transistors that switch in synch with the rotor position. Rectangular voltage strokes coupled with the given rotor position are what drive the brushless DC motor. The generated stator flux interacts with the rotor flux, which defines the torque and the motor's speed.

 Brushless DC motor control and drives (integrated)

Brushless DC Motor Power Management
Brushless DC Motor Integrated Motor Drive
Brushless DC Motor User Interface & Communication
Brushless DC Motor MCU
Brushless DC Motor AF Discretes

Brushless DC Motor Sense & Monitor

Brushless DC motor (discrete)

Brushless DC Motor Power Management
Brushless DC Motor 3-Phase Inverter

Brushless DC Motor Microcontroller

Brushless DC Motor Gate Driver
Brushless DC Motor Status Indication
Brushless DC Motor Hall & GMR Sensor

Key characteristics brushless DC motor

  • Commutation occurs on windings
  • High reliability: no brush wear
  • High efficiency
  • Low EMI
  • Medium construction complexity with multiple fields, delicate magnets
  • Driven by multi-phase inverter controllers

Brushless DC Motor Control Kit by Infineon