Industrial welding

Depending on the application at hand, there are various challenges in the field of industrial welding. Ranging from reducing the welding machine’s size and weight, to enhancing its efficiency, to improving the quality of the welding process. In a market as competitive as industrial welding, decreasing costs also stand front and center. Highly reliable electronic components with a long lifetime are likewise required.

Whether for highly-efficient professional welders, mass market machine welders, AC output aluminum/magnesium welders, or engine-driven (gasoline) welders: Infineon provides the right solution in its TRENCHSTOP™ family. High performance machine enjoy best efficiency with TRENCHSTOP™ 5 while mass-market welders needs are met with TRENCHSTOP™ WR5 and AC output welders are optimized with low Vce(aat) TRENCHSTOP™ L5. All in the Infineon quality and reliability you can count on.

Help your customers gain a competitive edge and achieve greater success in industrial welding with solutions from Infineon.

Welding Inverter – Full Bridge Topology
Secondary Side Rectification

TRENCHSTOP™ 5 Soft Hard Switching “S5” Application Test