Servo motor

Whether your servo application is in industrial automation, robotics, CNC machinery or automated manufacturing, what you really need is a sophisticated, high-quality servo motor capable of top energy efficiency and reliable performance. Leading semiconductor solutions from Infineon's vast portfolio let you have it all: quality, intelligence, efficiency – and the price you demand. Discover what your servo motor can achieve when you choose servo drivers, microcontrollers and more from Infineon. See additional motor control applications here in industrial automation.

A servo motor is made of a compatible motor coupled to a sensor that gives feedback about the position. In addition, it necessitates having a refined controller specifically designed for servo motor use. As a rotary actuator, it enables precise control of the position, velocity and acceleration. A unique characteristic of the servo motor is that it consumes power while rotating to the desired position and then rests upon arrival.

Servo motor control and drives (integrated)

Servo Motor Power Management
Servo Motor Integrated Motor Drive
Servo Motor Integrated Motor Drive
Servo Motor MCU
Servo Motor AF Discretes

Servo Motor Sense & Monitor

 Application for servo motor (discrete)

Battery Powered Applications Power Management
Battery Powered Applications 3-Phase Inverter

Battery Powered Applications Microcontroller
Battery Powered Applications Status Indication
Battery Powered Applications Hall & GMR Sensor

Converter system  for industrial drives

Brake Chopper
Current Sensing

Hall & GMR Sensors

Driver Stage

Auxiliary Power Supplies

Key characteristics

  • High-performance alternative to stepper motor
  • Encoder and controller for optimized speed, power and accuracy
  • Sophisticated controller required
  • Power consumption only while rotating to requested position