TV power supply

In addition to their outstanding image quality, new generation TVs gain attention for their slim silhouette. One big challenge of manufacturing thin televisions: the TV power supply. It requires a power supply unit (PSU) with a low profile to maintain the TV’s slim appearance. What’s more, as markets grow more global, manufacturers require universal designs they can sell worldwide.

Designing a low profile TV power supply starts with the right semiconductor solutions. Infineon offers top-quality high and low voltage MOSFETs in surface mounted device (SMD) packages. All of which feature a good EMI and excellent thermal performance. And unlike other suppliers, we can deliver in large volumes. Also, discover our broad selection of controller ICs with comprehensive protection features that are suitable for universal use in TVs of all sizes.

TV power supply system

TV Power Supply Control ICs
TV Power Supply PFC
TV Power Supply Main Stage
TV Power Supply Rectification