Railway traction is among the most demanding applications for power electronic modules. 
Climatic influences like moisture, dust and wide temperature range are challenging, so are the mechanical aspects. 

Power electronic suffers from the vibrations inside the trains in addition to the electric and thermal load. The mission profile of trams and subway trains consist of a high number of acceleration and deceleration cycles, repeated day by day. This mode of operation leads to extreme demands regarding power- and thermal-cycling capability. 

To suit the special needs of this application, Infineon provides high-power IGBT module, especially dedicated to transportation and similar applications. IGBT-Modules in voltage classes 3.3kV, 4.5kV and 6.5kV with enhanced mechanical and thermal features are installed in trains all over the world to allow reliable, safe and cost-efficient operation.
Supply DC or AC/DC

Power Supply & Voltage Regulation

Gate Driver + Isolation


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