Infineon Technologies

New Products Introduction

February 2016



SPIDER+ New Multichannel SPI driver family

Low-side, high-side and flexible devices

 Infineon’s new integrated SPIDER+ family comprises 9 value scalable products. The streamlined portfolio includes 2 LS (8 + 4 ch), 2 HS (8 ch) and 5 flexible devices (8 ch) with up to 6 configurable channels. Hence, a broad range of applications is addressable. Above all, the new 8 ch HS device offers a very cost efficient solution to drive small HS loads, including open load at ON detection.

SPIDER+ devices have improved and additional functions, such as Limp Home and Cranking, very low current consumption, enhanced diagnosis features, excellent thermal performance (exposed pad packages) and an input mapping function for the 2 direct inputs. The family approach with consistent SPI registers, identical output stages for all channels and a comprehensive pin-to-pin compatibility reduces the design effort and offers cost down options/partitioning adjustments without a PCB re-design. Small 150 mil packages secure PCB space savings (= cost savings).

Product collaterals/online support

>         Product landing page

>         TLE75602-EMH datasheet

>         TLE75602-EMD datasheet

>         TLE75004-ELD datasheet

>         TLE75008-EMD datasheet

>         Application note

>         Spider+ product brief



3D magnetic sensor for consumer and industrial applications

Evaluation board

>         3D Magnetic Sensor 2GO

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>     Product data sheet, application      note, user manual, etc.

>         E-learning



Sensors 2GO Kits

Smallest, fully featured Sensor 2GO Evaluation Kits

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         >        Product page

>         User manual

>         Video for smallest and most efficient 3D magnetic sensor

>         Video: innovative TLI4970-current sensing



Hall switches for automotive and industrial applications  



>         3V to 5.5V operating supply voltage

>         Low current consumption 1.4mA

>         ESD protection 4kV HBM

>         Active error compensation (chopping)

>         High stability of magnetic thresholds

>         Low jitter (typ. 0.35μs)

>         Operating temperature ranges from:

       Tj: 40°C to 170°C for TLE496x-xM (5V)

       Ta: 40°C to 125 °C for TLI496x-xM (5V)

>         Small SMD package PG-SOT23 (2.9mm x 1.3mm x 1.0mm)

>         AEC-Q100 qualified ((TLE496x-xM (5V))

>         JEDEC47 qualified ((TLI496x-xM (5V))

3k and 10k packing units will be available



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>      Products page

>      Video: leading sensor technologies for industrial applications


XMC™ Link

Isolated Debug Probe, based on SEGGER J-Link Technology

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>         Product brief



Multimode Flyback Controller for LED lighting



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